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Let us power the tech while you do the sales. Get our scalable review management platform under your brand and relax while your customers improve their online reputation.

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White Label Dashboard

This is the central hub where you'll run your reputation management business. Simply upload your logo, favicon and more to customize the platform and highlight your own brand - your clients don’t know that we exist!

The dashboard gives you all information you need to monitor, manage and analyze customer reviews from 70+ review sites in one place. Easily switch between clients and their locations and keep track of their progress.

Review Generation Drip Campaigns

Customers will often forget to leave a review - but that doesn't mean they aren't happy with the service! You just need to make it easy for them to write their testimonial when it's convenient for them.

Email and/or SMS drip campaigns are a proven way to generate new reviews, giving them a direct link to your preferred review website(s). Reminders also help drive more reviews than ever, and they automatically stop once the customer clicks the invite.

Review Funnel

The goal is to generate more reviews and every good reputation management strategy should include a funnel to streamline the users towards this goal.

Our landing pages feature funnels which help you generate great new reviews on the sites that you choose, while also giving you the opportunity to address negative feedback privately. Highlight review websites that are most relevant to you and offer a direct line of communication if there's a potential issue your customer is experiencing.

Widgets & Schema Markup

The best way to signal trust to new customers is by highlighting positive experiences that real people have shared about your business. By adding your online reviews from across the web as social proof to your website, you'll increase sales and stand out in Google search results. Our widgets automatically update with your latest and greatest reviews so your website will always stay fresh.

Social Sharing

Your current and potential customers are using social media to find and vet your business. So, why not directly share all those great reviews to platforms that you use? It's a great way to generate new content and boost your reputation. Just connect your accounts and pick a time of your choosing and you're all set.

Advanced Reporting

Check out your competition and see where you stand by using our advanced reporting feature. Use this feature to benchmark against relevant players in your industry so you can spot areas for improvement. You can also run the comparison between your own different locations and see who's the winner and where you need to invest more effort. You will be able to do a deep dive and see results across different websites so you can zero in on the ones you need to focus your attention on.

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Resell to Other Agencies

Besides the option to use our white label reputation management platform and sell directly to businesses, you can also resell it to other agencies under your own brand. You can start your white label reputation management business and add another revenue stream to your company.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for the white label? Checkmark
We do not charge fees for the white label (it's 2020 after all). That is included in the package.
What happens if my account grows? Checkmark
Our agency overage fees are available on our agency pricing page.
Which review sites do you work with? Checkmark
We currently work with 85+ review sites.
What do you have planned product-wise? Checkmark
We constantly improve Reviewshake, and future releases are highly influenced by our community feedback.
What is the time commitment? Checkmark
We don't have setup fees, our contracts are all month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.
Do you support SMS in my country? Checkmark
We support SMS globally, please get in touch to inquire about your specific case.
What kind of support can I expect? Checkmark
We have a 100% satisfaction rating on our support from the past 3 months, with replies within 24 hours during week days.

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