Track your performance

You've seen and read the reviews about your business. Now you can go one step further: see trends over time, compare with competitors, see results by platform - all these to inform your next marketing decisions and boost your brand.

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"Feature we use and appreciate is reports. You can make client, team meetings and show the reports in a visual way, dynamically changing the date range."

Goran MGeneral manager, SMB

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Track trends over time

See not only how you are doing today, but how your number of reviews and rating evolved over time. Being able to look at historic trends gives you a better understanding of how your activities impact your brand perception.

Dashboard or reviewshake with all reviews overview, statistics, reviews funnels, and top review sources

Understand your competition

See how your competitors are doing and benchmark your review performance with them across 15 stats.

Total reviews of different competitors

Breakdown by sentiment

Analyze the breakdown of your reviews into positive ones (4-5 stars), neutral (3 stars) and negative (1-2 stars).

Total reviews of different competitors

Compare locations and/or competitors with side-by-side reporting

Use our powerful reporting tool to create your own reports, sent daily, weekly or monthly over email. Share them with your team to inform your marketing and growth strategy

Reporting tools

Custom reports using our API

Do you want to add new reports? Access review stats via our API and build your own custom reports.

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Zoom in

Understand the high-level context from our aggregate reports. Do you want to see what's happening in more detail? We got you covered with per-location reports.

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Geo-mapping reviews

Our latest functionality will allow you to map your reviews geographically. Understand how you are performing at country, state and county level. Even better, you can have a head-to-head comparison with competing brands.

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