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Reviewshake Dashboard

"We have generated over 2,000 reviews for our clients using Reviewshake."

Eric DFounder & CEO, Small Business

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Generate reviews on auto-pilot

Jed HOwner, Digital Agencies

"What I really like is that the system follows up (not aggressively) but gentle reminders for the customers to leave the review. It is WAY more effective than a single text, phone call, or email. It also stays on brand and is consistent with what the dealership wants."

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25%more influence of reviews on conversions than in 2019

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Stay on top of your reviews

Mike CSoftware Developer, Small Business

"I like how it monitors for new reviews that come in and sends me an email"

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45%of consumers say they're more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative reviews

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Dashboard displaying the list of reviews and possible actions to take.

Build social proof

Brad CDirector, Small Business

"It's a very easy to use platform, we can access all our customer feedback in one place, we can easily "show off" our good reviews on our website and across socials."

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50%increase in review interactions compared to pre-pandemic levels

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Showcase of review widget with multiple ways of customizing the content.

Track your progress

Goran MGeneral Manager, SMB

"Feature we use and appreciate is reports. You can make client, team meetings and show the reports in a visual way, dynamically changing the date range."

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15statsavailable at a glance

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Reports section of the dashboard with total reviews, average rating and more.

Communicate with your customers

Brad CDirector, Small Business

"We are getting honest feedback from clients about their experience with us. It's not always positive feedback, but it's provided an opportunity for us to recognise ways we can provide a better service."

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94%of consumers expect a brand to answer their questions and respond to their negative posts.

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Inbox section wit a chat interface to communicate with customers.

Boost social proof with Video Reviews

Check out our latest feature: video reviews. You can easily embed them on the landing page, and you can receive video testimonials from your customers. The recorded videos can be used for a variety of purposes: widgets, social media posts, and even ads.

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Stay on top of your reviews from 85+ review sites

360-degree view

360-degree view

Stay on top

Personalized reports

Easy insights


360-degree view of your reputation

Gain comprehensive insights into your business reputation with our unified dashboard that aggregates reviews from across the web.

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