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Transform guest feedback into five-star experiences with Reviewshake's hotel reputation management software. Elevate your hotel's online presence and create unforgettable stays that turn first-time guests into loyal advocates.

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"We have generated over 2,000 reviews for our clients using Reviewshake."

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Partner with hotel reputation experts for online success

Partner with Reviewshake to achieve online success through our sophisticated tools that help enhance your hotel's online visibility, attract more guests, and secure a top-tier reputation in the competitive hospitality industry.

Dashboard or reviewshake with all reviews overview, statistics, reviews funnels, and top review sources

Keep an eye on the competition

Stay ahead of the curve with Reviewshake. Monitor your competition, understand their strategies, and refine your own services to always be the hotel of choice, ensuring guests choose your welcoming doors over others every time.

Enhance bookings with positive online reviews

Transform guest satisfaction into increased bookings with Reviewshake. Our hotel review monitoring platform helps you gather and display positive online reviews that captivate potential guests, showcase your hotel's excellence, and make it the preferred choice for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences.

Enhance bookings with positive online reviews

reporting feature

Unlock the power of data with Reviewshake's advanced reporting feature. Gain deep insights into guest feedback, track performance trends, and make data-driven decisions to elevate your hotel's service and guest satisfaction.

Run your own hotel review campaigns

Take control of your hotel's reputation with Reviewshake's tailored review campaigns. Prepare customized review request templates, send targeted email and SMS invites, and set reminders to drive continuous engagement and collection of valuable guest feedback.

Advanced reporting feature

Engage guests & gain more reviews

Reviewshake makes it easy to connect with guests post-stay and encourages them to share their experiences and garner more positive reviews to elevate your hotel's reputation.

Advanced reporting feature

Boost social proof with Video Reviews

Check out our latest feature: video reviews. You can easily embed them on the landing page, and you can receive video testimonials from your customers. The recorded videos can be used for a variety of purposes: widgets, social media posts, and even ads.

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  • 3 business locations
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