Reviewshake vs GatherUp

Learn how Reviewshake compares to GatherUp, and make the switch today.

“We started using Reviewshake around 3 years ago to replace our old provider, Grade US. We wanted a solution that was more cost-effective with all the same features. Reviewshake gave us this and more.”

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Reviewshake vs GatherUp

Let’s see how Reviewshake compares to GatherUp (formerly GetFiveStars).

GatherUp offers a comprehensive and automated solution to generate, manage, market, and analyze reviews. Overall, it’s a very strong contender within the review management space. But how does it compare to Reviewshake?

Having used and tested out both Reviewshake and GatherUp platforms, Reviewshake comes out on top for a few reasons.

This is mainly due to Reviewshake’s ability to request and generate both video and written reviews, whereas GatherUp only does text reviews. Reviewshake was also more affordable than GatherUp when I compared two similar plans.


GatherUp is not as clear on its pricing structure as Reviewshake. GatherUp offers three pricing plans on its website suitable for businesses. However, agencies and enterprises have to make an inquiry to find out how much their plan would cost.

Comparing two similar plans, Reviewshake seems to be better value. For the one-user plan, you can start with Reviewshake for only $31 per month, compared to $99 for a similar one-user plan for GatherUp. Prices become more economical as you scale up. But for smaller businesses, Reviewshake is the clear winner when it comes to value.

Managing Reviews

Reviewshake and GatherUp both allow you to manage reviews from 85+ websites. You can also use the white label feature to resell the software to your clients.

With Reviewshake and GatherUp, you can reply to reviews on Google or Facebook directly from the platform, so you have complete management over your reviews from one space.

Generating Reviews

Both Reviewshake and GatherUp offer a simple solution to request and manage reviews. However, unlike Reviewshake, GatherUp doesn&asos;t let customers leave video reviews, nor does it filter customers to re-engage those who meet the criteria.

Video reviews

Reviewshake also gives you an overview of each customer&aspo;s timeline to easily manage your relationship with your customers.

Marketing Reviews

Reviewshake and GatherUp both market your best reviews to social media for you.

You can also have your positive reviews displayed on your website, so your potential customers can gain a better understanding of your other customers’ results.

Analyzing Reviews

Both platforms offer different reporting that analyzes your reviews, so it’s easier for you to keep on top of your feedback. Both platforms show side-by-side business location reports. However, with Reviewshake, you can also see your reports alongside your competitors, so you can easily see the areas you need to improve on.


When I started using GatherUp, the features were clearly laid out, and it had a simple user interface. However, I experienced a lot of pop-ups about the different features. While this was a good way to learn about the different features, it was a little frustrating to be bombarded when it was already relatively clear.

GatherUp dashboard

On the other hand, Reviewshake also had a simple and easy-to-use interface, with the option to view tutorials if you wanted to learn more about any features.

Reviewshake logo


  • In-depth tutorials to help you understand features
  • Can generate text and video reviews
  • Monitors, markets, and analyzes customer
  • Affordable plans


  • A lot of tools that require learning for beginners in reputation management



In-depth tutorials to help you understand features

A lot of tools that require learning for beginners in reputation management

Can generate text and video reviews

Monitors, markets, and analyzes customer

Affordable plans

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GatherUp's logo


  • Lots of features to market reviews
  • Good review analyzing reports


  • Cannot generate video reviews
  • Expensive plans



Lots of features to market reviews

Cannot generate video reviews

Good review analyzing reports

Expensive plans

More features, less price

Reviewshake logo

Plans starting from


GatherUp's logo

Plans starting from


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Reviewshake vs. GatherUp

Reviewshake logo
GatherUp's logo

Manage reviews

Split up positive and negative feedback to pre-empt negative reviews

Multiple spaces in one account

Get notifications for new reviews

User accounts for staff and/or client access

Ability to respond to reviews for Google and Facebook

100% white label platform to sell to clients

Drip campaigns to automatically remind customers to leave a review

White label dashboard with your own brand and custom domain

Inbox that lets you communicate with customers via two-way SMS

Fully fledged API for programmatic management

Generate reviews

Video reviews


Written reviews

Generates reviews from 85+ websites

Filter customers to re-engage those likely to return


Add customers from 1,300+ apps via Zapier (and API)

Collect reviews via optimized review generation landing pages

Provide access to simple forms for customer opt-in

Customer timeline to give you an overview of events for each customer


Measure performance throughout the funnel with tracking

Personalized sender email address and templates

Set per-client email and text message limits

Create default campaigns to scale easily

Market reviews

Display your latest reviews to your website

Show star ratings in Google search results

Automatically share positive reviews to social media

Enable SEO-friendly rich-snippet to show stars in search results

Add a review generation snippet to your email signature

Analyze reviews

Advanced reporting across 85+ review sites

Compare side-by-side to competitors


Compare side-by-side per-location reports for large businesses

Track star ratings, review count, invitations and sentiment over time

Analyze reviewer clicks, click-throughs and conversions through the review funnel

Generate custom reports by accessing data via API

Send white label performance reports to clients

Learn about pricing and what's included

Try a new and better review management system.

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