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Partner with Reviewshake and earn 20% recurring commission.

Why you'll love being a Reviewshake partner

High earning potential

You’ll earn a 20% commission every month that your referred customer stays with us.

That means if you send us ten customers who pay $99/month, you’ll earn $198 every month!

Make an impact

Reviewshake is the simplest review management platform on the market, so your referrals will be growing their business with online reviews in no time.

We ❤️ our partners

As a Reviewshake partner, we're here to help you every step of the way with answers, resources and support for anything you need.

How to sign up

Joining the Reviewshake program is easy... Just sign up below and start referring with your unique link.

Every time a referral signs up for Reviewshake using your URL and maintains a paid account for 30 days, you’ll start getting paid.

Promotion ideas

Here are a few promotion ideas to get you started:

  1. Recommend Reviewshake as a service to local businesses that could use some more reviews!
  2. Write a Reviewshake vs. _________ (whatever review management service you have been using) post and publish that on your blog and send it out to your email list.
  3. Add details about Reviewshake, along with your affiliate link, to any pages or posts you have on online reviews.
  4. Share how you use review management in your business and link to Reviewshake using your affiliate link.
  5. Add Reviewshake to your Resources page on your blog as your recommended review management solution.
  6. Anything else you can think of!

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