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For hotels, experience is everything: What amenities are provided? How friendly is the staff? Is it close to where I want to go? 88% of guests consult online reviews for answers to questions like these before making a purchase decision.

Reviewshake helps hotels leverage guest feedback to get more guests, and keep them.

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Automate new reviews on Tripadvisor

Get new reviews automatically by sending SMS, email or Facebook Messenger review invitations at critical touch-points, and send customers to the review sites you care about.

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Get alerts of new reviews by email or in your helpdesk.



Easily respond to customers from one dashboard.



Distribute your reviews by percentages across review sites.


Improve your business

Derive actionable insights and sentiment from customer reviews, all compared to your competition in real-time.

Overall sentiment

High-level view of customer satisfaction

Aspect comparison

Drill into key industry categories

Aspect specific

Customer satistfaction per category over time

Industry ranking

How you compare to your competition

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