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E-commerce sales live and die with their online reviews - in a study conducted by Bazaarvoice, they saw a 9-56% increase in orders when review volume went from one review to 15 reviews, and product rating from 3.5-4.5 stars.

It is no doubt then, that e-commerce companies use online review to inform their decisions when it comes to their strategy. Common use cases include macro-level insights like understanding their own review performance and how competitors are performing, to micro-level insights about specific products and/or segments.

Clients include

Shopify BOSE Samsung

Review management companies are an obvious use case for review data. They aggregate online reviews from a variety of review sites for their users, in order to notify them of new reviews, reporting on their performance, generating widgets to show off those reviews and more.

New reviews are updated on an hourly basis, up to every 24 hours in order to keep customers up to date on their online reputation. The more review sites that the company can aggregate reviews from, the more potential clients they can get, which is why working with a partner like Reviewshake is a match made in heaven.

Clients include

LocalClarity GMR Web Team GMR Web Team

Consultants have a constant need for reliable data to build informed strategic decisions on behalf of their clients. They use online review data in a variety of projects, from M&A due dilligence to understanding consumer trends in a specific segment.

Clients include

Accenture PwC Deloitte

Marketplaces live in a constant struggle of supply and demand - they need a constant stream of demand in order to keep their supply-side engaged with their platform. New marketplaces can struggle to get their flywheel going, and this is where online reviews come in.

Marketplaces aggregate reviews on behalf of their sellers to show on their profile, which helps build trust and drive conversion for those sellers on the platform. The seller wins, and so does the marketplace.

Clients include

Bark Lawyerland

Getting website visitors to your site is one part of the equation - the other is converting those visitors to customers. Building trust is an essential part of that, and time of is the essence. We work with a variety of website widget builders to aggregate reviews for displaying on client websites.

Clients include

Elfsight WP Slider

The finance world lives and breathes data, and they use online review data to inform their decisions pre-deal (evaluating targets, anticipating synergies, comparing companies), during the deal (supporting negotiation, information valuations, modelling) and post-deal (informing operational strategy, measuring impact, tracking sentiment).

This data is valuable to many different types of players, such as asset managers, hedge funds (systematic and descretionary traders), private equity and the buy-side in general.

Clients undisclosed

The insurance industry uses online review data as one of many data points when assessing and underwriting risk. This data helps build a picture of companies large and small, and ultimately influences their risk rating score.

Clients include

Verisk Axa Generali

Online reviews show companies a near real-time view of what consumers think, which becomes a powerful tool in understanding competitors. Getting a glimpse inside of the mind of a competitors' customer can tell you what they love about that service, what they hate, and what they can't live without - which can all inform your own strategy in all parts of the business.

Clients include

Verisk Axa

Analytics providers process online reviews to extract actionable intelligence and insights with methods such as sentiment analysis, classification and other machine learning methods.

The end result lets companies make more data-informed decisions, leveraging millions of reviews which give them an insight into what consumers are thinking and feeling, and how this changes over time.

Clients include

Amenity Gavagai Monkeylearn

The academic world uses online review data to inform their understanding of consumers, in aspects such as financial modelling, understanding key trends and drivers of the hospitality industry and more.

Clients include

Princeton Harvard CMU MIT

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Standard JSON Format

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24/7 Monitoring & Updates

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Quality Data

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Advanced Algorithms

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What is the difference between Supervisor and Platform? Checkmark
Supervisor and Platform are two separate products that are offered by Reviewshake.

Supervisor is a collection of APIs that make the technology that powers Reviewshake available to other companies. These APIs return raw JSON data and are aimed at software developers.

Platform on the other hand is an end-to-end review management platform that helps companies generate, manage, market and analyze their online reviews.
How much does Supervisor cost? Checkmark
In order to keep our pricing as competitive as possible, each API is priced separately. Select the API you are interested in to learn more about how its pricing works.
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While we do not offer a free trial, we can refund your payment within your first 30 days if you are unhappy with the service.
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Visit our help documentation to see an exhaustive list of our supported sites.
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Visit our help documentation to learn more about our process for adding a new review site to our system.
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We have a 100% satisfaction rating on our support from the past 3 months, with replies within 24 hours during week days.
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We don't have setup fees, our contracts are all month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. With that said, you can subscribe to a yearly plan to lock in a 20% discount.
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Our help documentation and API documentation are great starting points for learning more about our APIs.