Review Scraper API by Reviewshake

An API to use reviews in your apps with no scraping, headless browsers, maintenance or technical overhead required.

Reviews from 50+ review sites, at your fingertips...

Leverage the same review scraping infrastructure that powers Reviewshake in your web or mobile app, with just 3 simple API calls.

Let us figure out the scraping so you can focus on providing value to your users. We've built this with developers in mind - no contracts, no setup fees, no upfront costs. Just pay as you grow.

What are the use cases?

Machine learning data

Collect real review data to train and perfect your models.

Marketplace platform

Aggregate and show off reviews for sellers on your platform.

Aggregator service

Building a restaurant, travel or lawyer website? Include review data.

Financial analysis

Real reviews from across the country in your historical analysis.

Brand monitoring platform

Reviews in your brand monitoring platform without any heavy lifting.

SEO analysis tool

Reviews impact SEO, and this is your tool to build data around it.

And many more... We're excited to see what you build!

Why use Review Scraper API?

Standard JSON format

Across 50+ review sites.

Advanced duplicate detection

We make sure you only ever receive unique reviews.

Review responses

Collect review responses as an option.

Clean data

Don't worry about date formats, changing sites and data.

Review meta data

Detect reviews that are verified and updated, and those with a URL.

Constant improvements

Round the clock maintenance to make sure the API only gets better.

Get started

Visit Mashape for detailed API documentation and start calling our API!

Pricing Plans


$0 / month

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500 reviews


$20 / month

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50,000 reviews

$0.00038 / additional review


$80 / month

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250,000 reviews

$0.00030 / additional review


$250 / month

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1,000,000 reviews

$0.00020 / additional review

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