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Trusted Shops vs ShopperApproved


Trusted Shops is originally a German company founded in 1999, and has a presence in most European countries including the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Spain and Germany. The company brands itself as the "European trust brand in e-commerce", offering both a business solution and a consumer-facing money-back guarantee of £2,500 per purchase.

Working with over 25,000 shops in Europe, they strive to create a safer e-commerce experience for consumers, powered by authentic reviews, a money-back guarantee and a trustmark which aims to show consumers that a brand can be trusted. Trusted Shops' pricing is somewhat complicated, as it's correlated with a companies annual online revenues. Further, they have line item charges for several aspects of their service, including a €99 application fee to become a member.


ShopperApproved is a Utah-based business, providing review solutions for businesses. They are a less-technological platform compared to alternatives, with a older user interface that caters to more old-school style businesses. Their review collection mechanism is designed with businesses in mind, and less so consumers. This means that reviews may be biased and not as transparent as other review platforms.

With that said, ShopperApproved works with many businesses such as B&H Photo and which have a significant online presence. The company notably has a different take on their pricing, charging on a per-review basis which is unusual.

trustedshops shopperapproved


Year Founded

1999 2010


212 34


Europe United States


Köln, Germany Utah, United States

Open platform

False False

Closed platform

True True

Google Seller Ratings

True False

Industry focus


Review types

Company reviews

Included Included

Product reviews

Not included Included

Verified reviews

Included Included

Non-verified reviews

Included Not included

Asking for reviews

Customized invites

Included Not included

Email invites

Included Included

SMS invites

Not included Not included

Facebook Messenger invites

Not included Not included

Widget invites

Not included Not included



Included Included

Google Seller Ratings

Included Included

Google Rich Snippets

Included Included

Google Shopping

Included Included

Import existing reviews

Not included Not included

Social sharing

Included Not included


Conversion rates

Not included Not included

A/B testing

Not included Not included

Review insights

Not included Not included

Final words

Trusted Shops offers a strong and time-proven service for the European market which companies big and small can benefit from. Given that they use reviews as one of three pillars of their service, companies do need to keep in mind the commitments required from the other two. Their pricing does seem to need an update, given that it requires a calculator to figure out a base price, and will likely incur additional charges given the setup.

ShopperApproved offers a suite of tools for Company and Product reviews, with little differentiation to other review platforms. The fact that their review collection process isn't as transparent as other solutions could create problems for companies in the long-term.

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