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reviews_co_uk is a British company founded in 2010, offering a technologically advanced reviews platform. As other review platforms, the company has a consumer-facing side as well as a business offering. With that said, they do state that they do not accept responsibility for "the accuracy or completeness of contributions" made by reviewers, and the company "does not read through or edit contribution added", unlike other review platforms.

Their platform stands out by being beautifully designed, making it a joy to use. Being a small company, they seem to take a more personal approach to their clients, who range from small companies to public companies. They offer competitive and transparent pricing, with a 30-day notice period for termination of contract. Also, their license agreement with Google provides their customers additional exposure to Google Seller Ratings.


PowerReviews is a Chicago-based company that primarily serves the North American markets, working with over 1,000 large brands like Staples, Toys R Us and GoPro. They provide tools to help brands and retailers host product reviews on their own websites, as opposed to consumer-facing review platforms that host them externally. Hosting the reviews on your own site means that your domain is gains authority as opposed to the review platform. PowerReviews also offers powerful technology that syndicates these reviews to other e-commerce sites where their products are being sold.

Their suite of products include their Ratings & Reviews, Questions & Answers and Seller Ratings products, which effectively covers the standard range of requirements for large brands when it comes to user-generated content and reviews. With offices in Chicago, San Francisco and London, they have a large presence and are working to expand beyond their North American focus.

reviews_co_uk powerreviews


Year Founded

2010 2005


12 180


United Kingdom North America


London, United Kingdom Chicago, US

Open platform

True False

Closed platform

True True

Google Seller Ratings

True True

Industry focus


Review types

Company reviews

Included Not included

Product reviews

Included Included

Verified reviews

Included Included

Non-verified reviews

Included Not included

Asking for reviews

Customized invites

Included Included

Email invites

Included Included

SMS invites

Included Not included

Facebook Messenger invites

Not included Not included

Widget invites

Not included Not included



Included Included

Google Seller Ratings

Included Included

Google Rich Snippets

Included Included

Google Shopping

Included Included

Import existing reviews

Included Not included

Social sharing

Included Included


Conversion rates

Included Included

A/B testing

Included Included

Review insights

Not included Included

Final words

All in all, provides a broad suite of tools that helps companies large and small with their online reviews. Though they have a strong business offering, they also seem to prioritize their consumer-facing services, which include a mobile app which is touted as "The World's First Socially Responsible Review App". The company's consumer efforts seem to be restricted to the United Kingdom, though businesses all over the world can benefit from the business offerings.

PowerReviews offers an extensive reviews solution primarily aimed at large brands and retailers, with pricing to match. They cover a broad spectrum of solutions and also offer extensibility with their API. The fact that they help you collect content under your own brand is a great benefit, as having unique user-generated content will help you with both SEO and attracting visitors. As of 2016, PowerReviews reaches more than 700 million shoppers and works with over 1,000 global brands and 5,000 websites.

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