Review distribution

Distribute reviews across review sites to build brand awareness, or across products to achieve product coverage and review depth.

Do you have your bases covered?

Your review strategy should be determined by where your customers find you. Typically, this could be a Google search, your Facebook page, or your website. Reviewshake can help help you achieve a good review presence on each platform.



Show off your reviews in local search results.



Build trust with native Facebook reviews.



Use a verified reviews provider to drive conversion on your site.

Are you selling products?

According to a study by BazaarVoice, achieving just 1 review on a product increases order conversion by 10%, and 50 reviews generates a 30% order lift.

Put simply, more review volume means more shoppers seeing reviews, which translates to higher revenue.

Product coverage

Increase the number of products that have reviews

Review depth

Aim to increase the number of reviews per product.


Start distributing your reviews the smart way

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