Reviewshake Research

Our standalone strategic consulting unit, created to provide actionable insights from online reviews.

We can provide value at any point in your project, whether you already know the questions you want to answer or not.

Powering 1,000+ companies big and small

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Use cases

Where there are reviews, insights can be made. Whether your research involves reviews in 30 languages, across different industries or geographies, we can help.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Online reputation can make or break a business, and the outcome of an M&A deal. Use online reviews to surface issues and opportunities during due dilligence.


Industry research

Use online reviews to understand trends in any given industry - how do consumers feel? What are they complaining about? What improvements can be made?


Macro trends

Use online reviews as a leading indicator for macro-economic trends, or lagging indicator to analyze past behaviour in any given industry.


Micro trends

Drill down into specific consumers and firms by using online reviews to understand behaviours and trends to influence your strategy.


Competitive research

Entering a new market is a huge investment - online reviews help you understand where your competitors are winning, and where they are losing.


Academic research

Online reviews contain vast amounts of actionable data that's just waiting to be extracted, in countless industries.

Pricing starts at $10,000 per report

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