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Joining a new company is a big step for anyone, and prospective employees use reviews as an indicator for company culture. On the flip side, competition for talent is growing ever more fierce, and reviews play a central role in the battle.

Reviewshake helps companies get new, authentic reviews and manage them to turn their employees into a powerful marketing engine.

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Automate new reviews on Glassdoor and

Automate your new reviews, distribute them to sites you care about and use one dashboard to manage all your reviews.

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Generate new reviews

We make it as easy as possible for your customer to leave their review, by taking them to the precise place where they can write a review. This is important because the easier it is for them, the more reviews you get.

Review gen funnel

Landing page

A link that you can give customers or share on social media to start generating reviews - they simply select a site based on where you want reviews.

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Email / SMS invites

Send an email or SMS to your customers asking them for feedback, individually, by uploading a CSV or fully automated.

Sit back and watch the reviews come in.

Show off your reviews

Build the ultimate social proof, showing off your reviews with embeddable widgets.

Analyze the performance of your reviews


You are what you measure

Dig into what's driving customer satisfaction for your business.


Email review updates

Receive daily, weekly and monthly updates on your performance.


Compare to your competitors

Easily compare to your competitors in real-time, using their reviews.

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