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We take the URL that you provide and create the information below in your Reviewshake account.

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Seat name

The name of the client or location.


Seat short name

The short name is used to maintain the same URL structure.


Company logo

The company logo is imported.


Review funnel

We'll set the same review funnel, whether stars, thumbs etc.


Review sites

Pulling review sites for both monitoring and review generation.


Manual reviews

Manual reviews are synced across.

Once the import is complete, all you need to do is switch your DNS record over to Reviewshake.

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Our agency uses Reviewshake to bolster our clients local SEO and reputation management by making it easy to gain new reviews on many different platforms. Reviewshake also allows us to respond to reviews from one centralized dashboard, and display them on client websites in several different attractive styles. The company founder Philip Källberg is dedicated to customer support and is a great listener. I’m excited for their product development roadmap as well.

Founder at Creative Click Media

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