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Reviewshake is a simpler and easier way to ask customers for reviews, track the performance of your reviews and manage your accounts from one place

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Ask your customers for reviews

Quickly and easily ask your customers to review your business using multiple channels, fully automated or by CSV upload.

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Manage all your reviews from one place

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Get alerts of new reviews by email or in your helpdesk.



Easily respond to customers from one dashboard.



Distribute your reviews by percentages across review sites.

Analyze the performance of your reviews

Go deeper than star ratings to track overall and area-specific satisfaction on your reviews, and see how your company is performing across all review sites and compared to the competition.


You are what you measure

Dig into what's driving customer satisfaction for your business.


Email review updates

Receive daily, weekly and monthly updates on your performance.


Compare to your competitors

Easily compare to your competitors in real-time, using their reviews.

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